Any Selectmen Meeting Minutes previous to July 12, 2004 are available for review in the Town Clerk's Office during regular office hours.

Updated 12 November 2004



Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2004


6:30 PM:         Open Meeting

                        Quorum present:          ED, CW


Greg Winters of Scanlon Auditors conducts the Town’s FY ’03 exit audit conference. Also present are: Bruce Turner, Treasurer; Maryellen Brown, Town Accountant; Jim Podolak, DOR/DLS agent.


Greg reviews the Management Report and notes that a previous year item has been corrected (sewer operation deficit). Five new comments appear. Four of them related to the Town’s requirement to adhere to GASB mandates and the fourth recommends that a deficit in the water construction account be corrected.


Greg then reviews the financial data and concludes that the Town has healthy cash reserves and is in healthy fiscal shape. Jim Podolak agrees with the auditor’s assessment. Greg then explains how the Town should go about meeting its GASB reporting requirements and makes suggestions on how best to correct the water capital deficit (appropriate water surplus to correct deficit).


7:00 PM:         Board reviews a building permit from Dominick Luchi for Lot #2 in a project off of West Center Road. Board notes that all of the building permit application signatures had been obtained by Mr. Luchi back in September – with the exception of the ConsCom, Selectmen, and Building Inspector. The ConsCom signed off last week. Board approves permit application.


                        Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes.


                        Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.


7:30 PM:         ED reads the Notice of Decision (attached) regarding the October 18, 2004 liquor license Public Hearing for the Sportsmen’s Club. Several directors from the Club along with their attorney Louis Oggiani are present. Those present and Attorney Oggiani thank the Board and vows to adhere to the Board’s decision and pledges to be good citizens in the future.


Other Items:     Board review and approves a MEMO to the Planning Board seeking their input on zoning related questions that the Board has concerning a pending liquor license and restaurant application from LaBruschetta. The Board is unsure of the zoning application of 2 primary businesses at a single location and the assigning of sub addresses to a single location.


                        Board approves a letter to Stephen Graham regarding a dog complaint in the Iron Ore Road neighborhood.


                        Board reviews a contract proposal detailing a number of options on aquatic weed control at Mill Pond. Board agrees to contract with Lycott to draw up a Notice of Intent application to the Conservation Commission and to attend 2 public hearings.


                        Board reviews the just received transfer of property draft agreement which would convey the Astore “Quarry” property to the State Wildlife and Fisheries Department. Board notes that if Mr. Astore approves the transfers then it would be a benefit to all concerned – the Town and State gain needed recreation land, the state assumes the liability of the Quarry property and John Astore satisfies his wish to donate the property with the stipulation that it remain open to all to enjoy. Board will present the transfer document to Mr. Astore.


8:15 PM:         There being no further business to discuss, ED makes a motion to adjourn. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 2-0 in favor.



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Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2004


7:00 PM:         Open Meeting

                        Quorum present:          LT, ED, CW


7:05 PM:         ED makes a motion to go into executive session for a continuation of the executive session begun previously on the matter of hearing and acting on complaints filed with the Board by Officer Heidi Teutsch against Chief of Police Cooper.


                        CW seconds the motion. Roll call vote taken: LT, aye; CW, aye; ED, aye.

LT notes that the Board will return to open session upon completion of the executive session.



8:25 PM:         There being no further business to discuss, ED makes a motion to adjourn. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.



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Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2004


6:30 PM:         Open Meeting

                        Quorum present: LT, ED. CW

                        Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes

                        Board reviews and approves weekly warrants


6:45 PM:         Discussion is held among the Board, Board of Health members Ogden Gigli and Ellen Greer and Mill Pond Trailer Park representatives Art Gennari, Chris Gennari and Pam Bartlett.


                        O.G. offers that he visited the Park recently and that he didn’t smell any septic odors.


                        Art Gennari offers that the trailer next to C. Beauchaine trailer does have a freezing problem with septic pipe and that the Park owners are going to fix it this fall. AG adds that they will supply the Board of Health with as-built plans of the Park’s septic system to the extent that they exist.


                        The Gennari’s will get back in touch with the Board of Health in the next few weeks to give an update.


                        LT thanks both the Board of Health and Mill Pond Trailer Park owners for attending the meeting and for working towards a resolution of some outstanding septic/sewer issues.


7:10 PM:         Resident Bill Silverman gives the Board a self-authored resolution to stop the war in Iraq. Bill continues with a lengthy reading of several newspaper articles in support of his position.


                        Resident Dr. Schaeffer voices his support for the Silverman resolution and asks the Board for their support.


                        LT suggests that the best forum for Town adoption of political or other cause based positions is at the Annual Town Meeting, not at a Selectmen’s meeting with only a handful of people attending. LT suggests that Mr. Silverman and supporters could circulate a petition to force a question for the Town Meeting if enough signatures are obtained. They will need 200 verifiable voters for a special and 10 for the annual.


                        LT thanks Mr. Silverman and Dr. Schaeffer for attending the meeting but that the Board is not, at this moment, of a mind to support his petition.


7:30 PM:         Mill Pond Trailer Park resident Clayton Beauchaine speaks with B.O.H member Ogden Gigli re: the evening’s earlier discussion about septic issues at the Park. ED reiterates that the Park owners have pledged to make repairs before this winter.


Other Items:    Board reviews cost estimates given by EDM engineers for the heating system replacement at the Village School. EDM is continuing to work on a bid package for the project.


                        Board reviews plans from Tighe and Bond engineers on the plans to date for heating and ventilation upgrades at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. CW is concerned about the potential project cost – particularly the added cost of a separate furnace room to be built and attached to the building. CW would like to speak with local heating and plumbing contractors to get better sense of what type of system might work better and space requirements for same. Board agrees and will continue the discussion next week. Board notes that they are addressing the heating and ventilation systems at the Plant as the DEP has ordered the Town to do.


                        Board speaks with Town Clerk Tina Skorput and agrees to set Trick of Treat this year on October 30th from 4-6PM with parade to follow.


                        CW asks when the water meters should be read next. AA will ask Maryellen Brown what the schedule is for the next billing cycle and report back.


                        LT notes that he will be traveling on business next week and will miss the 10/4 meeting. ED notes that she will be out of Town for the 11/1 meeting.


8:00 PM:         Heidi Teutsch addresses the Board and informs them that she is planning to bring her issues to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. She is not satisfied with the actions of the Board to date. She states that the Board is acting in an unprofessional manner and is not treating her fairly and that her concerns are not being taken seriously. Heidi asks when the Board will come to a resolution of her complaints/charges as stated in the earlier held executive session.


                        LT responds that he doesn’t know how long it will take to reach a conclusion. LT adds that the Board is waiting on a response from Town Counsel on several questions related to the matter. Until those inquires are answered and until the Board has the opportunity to legally meet and discuss the matter.


                        AA attempts to explain to Heidi that the Board is bound by the open meeting laws as they relate to executive sessions. The Board cannot discuss the matter without first providing the Chief of Police 48-hour written notice to attend a continuation of the previously opened executive session meeting. The Board has not yet given that notice because they are waiting to hear back from Town Counsel.


                        Heidi notes that there are more issues she wishes to present in executive session to the Board on the matter.


                        AA attempts to explain that as the accused, the Chief has the right to be present at any continuance of the executive session, not necessarily anyone else. It is up to the Board to determine who, if anyone else, they wish to call in for additional testimony or fact finding.


                        Heidi again asks for a timeline on a resolution to the matter. LT respond that if he doesn’t know how long it will take. The Board is doing its best to treat all parties fairly but to conduct the process as the laws state. If pressed for an exact date, LT would say he would like to have the matter resolved in 30 days.


                        Heidi restates that she is not being treated in a professional manner by the Board.


                        CW suggests that the Board, with Heidi’s approval, place Heidi on temporary paid administrative leave. Doing so might allow everyone to cool off and relieve some of the tension that might be present in her workplace. Heidi states that going on a temporary administrative leave might be a good idea but that she is concerned with the Chief’s ability to replace her on the staffing schedule. She doesn’t want to create hardships for the Chief or the other officers as far as staffing. She asks if she would be able to come in and finish up any outstanding paperwork she might be working on. LT didn’t think that doing so would be a problem


                        CW makes a motion to place Heidi on paid temporary administrative leave. ED seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.


                        LT checks with the other Board members to see when their schedules would allow meeting again with the Chief in executive session. LT notes that the Board has not spoken among themselves about the matter at hand and that they need to do so as soon as possible, but that the Chief has the right to be present for any additional discussions. The Board agrees to issue the Chief written 48-hour notice to attend a continuation of the executive session on Friday, October 1 at 7:30PM.


9:00PM:          There being no further business to discuss, ED makes a motion to adjourn. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.



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Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2004


6:30 PM:          Open Meeting

                         Board and Police Chief tour downtown areas to review redundant and/or confusing signage in preparation for a discussion with MassHighway (see list).  This sign list to be posted at a later  date.

7:15 PM:          Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes.

                        Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.

                        No permits before the Board for review.


7:35 PM:          Gordon Soules reports that a disease resistant American Elm has been donated and planted in front of the Post Office. Gordon would like to plant additional shade trees in the area west of the Shaker Mill dam. Gordon and CW will determine who owns the land (State, Town, or private) and develop a planting plan for review. Board thanks Gordon for his efforts.


                        Gordon also asks for an update on Mill Pond weed removal. AA reports that the information that the ConsCom requested from Lycott Engineering was received and passed on to the ConsCom. The Selectmen are waiting for the ConsCom’s direction on how best to proceed.


7:50 PM:          Chief Cooper supplies the Board with a comprehensive Police Report on a motor vehicle accident involving a person leaving the Sportsmen Club. The Chief recommends that the Board, in their capacity as the Local Licensing Authority, call and hold a License Hearing to hear and discuss the incident in question involving the Sportsmen Club.


                        Board agrees that a hearing is justified and necessary.


                        Chief Cooper and AA will seek advice and direction from the ABCC on hearing procedures. The hearing date will be set when the Selectmen meet next on 8/30.



8:10 PM:          Other Items:


                        AA informs the Board that the Town’s Verizon Centrex contract for the 28 phone lines under the Town has expired and recommends that the Town switch to the State Centrex contract which will save approximately $8 per line per month on the base cost and, unlike the previous Verizon contract, has no cancellation penalty. This will maintain the same service and phone numbers but will give the Town flexibility to switch/change vendors/modify phone service during the transition to the Village School. Board agrees.


                        Board denies a request from Mrs. Rosenberg to hold a personal tag sale in the green area in front of the Transfer Station because she lacks room in her own yard.


                        Board awards the sale of the 1998 Police Cruiser to Bayridge Motors who was the highest bidder at $1,871.


                        Because of vacations, the Board will meet next on 8/30.


8:20 PM:          There being no further business, ED makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.



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Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2004


6:30 PM:          Open Meeting

                        Quorum present: LT, ED, CW

                        Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes as written

                        Board reviews and approves weekly warrants


Board discusses upcoming meeting schedule. Because of vacations, Board will meet next week (8-9-04), then take 2 weeks off and return to meet on 8-30-04.



7:00 PM:          LT closes acceptance of bids for the 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruiser. LT reads the Public Notice for Bid as it appeared in the 7-15-04 Berkshire Eagle, then opens and reads the bids aloud:



Bidder                          Address                                  Phone #               Bid Amount

Grace Quality Used Cars

945 Lincoln Highway, Morrisville, PA 19067




Yousef Dabbagh

P.O. Box 472, Morton Grove, IL 60053

773-715-3673 (p)


Bay Ridge Motors, Inc.

1869 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10310




Police Cars Unlimited, Inc.

P.O. Box 770893, Woodside, NY 11377





ED makes a motion to take the bids under advisement. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.


7:10 PM:          EDM Architects representatives make a presentation to a gathering of approximately 40 interested townspeople on plans and cost proposals to date on the conversion of the Village School to Town offices and library.


                        EDM Architect Rebecca M. gives a review of the floor plans for both library and Town offices. These plans were developed from a series of joint meetings with the Village School Re-use Committee over the past several months and through interviews with Town office personnel.


                        Assessor Irene Skorput states that, in her opinion, the plans don’t show enough room/space for the Assessor’s office needs. Rebecca responds that the square footage has been increased from existing, and wall and floor space will be more efficiently utilized.


                        Several comments are made about the high cost of the proposed conversion. Ogden Gigli wonders why the Police Station was able to construct a very nice complete office space for about $40,000 when the proposed average cost of converting/creating individual Town offices would cost nearly $100,000 each.


                        Finance Committee member Carol Kuller suggests that the space be redesigned as a way comparing and, hopefully, reducing costs.


                        Marge Powell suggests that rather than re-designing the space, the Town could be vigilant about the bidding process which should result in cost savings.


                        A discussion develops about the age and condition of the existing heating and distribution system. The EDM mechanical engineer states that the boiler is original and approximately 60 years old and that the controls and distribution system has been added to and changed over the years and is now nearly impossible to either figure out or control. He suggests that the boiler might not make it through another season without substantial repairs.


                        Alan Thiel, FinCom Chairman, discusses available amounts in stabilization and free cash funds and recommends that the stabilization fund is a good source to use to replace the aging boiler.


It is suggested that whatever becomes of the conversion project and its timeline, replacing the heating system should be done now. At a minimum, the boiler should be replaced.


LT asks for a straw poll on using stabilization to replace the heating system. The room is unanimous in support.


A question is asked whether the Library is eligible for any State grants. AA responds that, yes, there is a State Library Construction grant program. AA states that he has researched the program and spoken to the program grant administrators and provided the W. Stockbridge Library Trustees with all of the program information and application and arranged for a meeting with one of the grant administrators and Library personnel earlier this year. AA set up an additional meeting that was held with EDM Architects and Library personnel to discuss the grant program. EDM also spoke with the State Library grant administrators on several occasions. AA noted that the Trustees are currently unable to comply with several grant conditions, including a comprehensive 5-year plan and related items that are pre-requirements for submitting a grant request. AA notes that the Mason Library in Gt. Barrington was recently successful in getting a renovation grant for their building. It was a nine-year process from start to grant approval. Funds are let out in 5-year cycles by the state for successful applications.


Following a discussion on whether the Town would have enough space in the school for its future needs with the senior center occupying the back half of the building, Council on Aging member Norwin Rehm suggests that the Council would not be opposed to relocating the proposed senior center to another area of the Village School site and not take up any of the Village School space. Now would be the time to reconsider relocating the senior center before the current Senior Center plan is resubmitted in October.


Re-use Committee Chair Steve McMahon thanks those in attendance for their thoughtful and frank input and that the Committee will schedule another meeting in the near future to consider tonight’s input and to give thought on how best to proceed.




8:20 PM:         Other Items:


LT discusses the passing zone in the area of Maple Hill Rd. and Rte. 102. MassHighway extended the No-Passing Zone in that area last year, but it should be extended further. There have been a number of near accidents near the crest of the hill caused by vehicles pulling out to pass across double lines.


Board will meet at 6:30 PM next week and take a tour around Town to review redundant traffic signs. MassHighway District 1 Chief Ross Dindio agreed to consider removing superfluous signs on State Highways in Town once the Selectmen provided a list.


Board grants Community Health request to use the Village School on 10-17-04 from 5PM-8PM to administer flu vaccines.


AA reports that Richmond Board of Selectmen is interested in reviving discussions about a Heavy Commercial Vehicle Exclusion on Swamp Road in West Stockbridge and Richmond. Richmond suggested that the 2 Town Boards get together to hold a joint meeting some time in September.


LT announces a Parks and Recreation Committee sponsored Town clean up and repair of the Village School grounds and outdoor equipment this coming Saturday.


9:00 PM:          There being no further business, ED makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.



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Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

July 26, 2004


6:30 PM:          Open Meeting

                        Quorum present:           LT, ED, CW

                        Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes.

                        Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.


AA informs the Board that Walt Potash, Zoning Enforcement Officer, reported last Friday that the rooster and chickens at the Loveless property have been removed as per the Planning Board order.


7:00 PM:          Mike Buffoni, back-up licensed operator for the WWTP and chief licensed operator for the water system, discusses his thoughts on the transition period between Preston Lockenwitz’s resignation and hiring a replacement. Michael informs the Board that he and Preston, working part-time are more than capable of keeping both systems running properly for at least several weeks. Michael and Preston will be able to perform the required testing, recording and maintenance for the interim period. Both operations will operate under Michael’s DEP licenses.


                        CW notes that it may be possible to reduce the hours of staffing at both water and sewer. It is suggested that CW, Mike Buffoni, Preston Lockenwitz and the AA meet to discuss a revised staffing plan that would satisfy both the Town’s needs and DEP regulatory requirements. CW suggests that the Town may require a 4-6 week transition period before staffing is taken care of. AA notes that the job has been advertised in the Berkshire Eagle. Board thanks Michael for his help. LT suggests that a letter be written to Preston thanking him for his many years of dedicated service to the Town.


7:15 PM:          Dick Elwell, representing Charter Communications, addresses the Board for the purpose of finalizing the cable television license renewal.


                        Residents Joel and Sandra Hotchkiss ask Mr. Elwell about the possibility and when high speed internet might be available through Charter. Mr. Elwell responds that technology is rapidly changing and that the potential to provide affordable high speed service is closer than previously stated. Wireless technology for small systems is being tested in CT now by Charter.  LT comments that the desire to get high speed service has been voiced by several residents at past meetings and hearings. Mr. Elwell notes that it would be smart business for Charter to be able to provide affordable high speed internet to its 400 W. Stockbridge customers especially in light of alternatives offered by Charter competition.


                        Ogden Gigli introduces himself as Chairman (and sole member) of the West Stockbridge Cable Commission. He and Mr. Elwell have a discussion regarding technical and financial support from Charter for the local access community TV channel. LT reports that as part of the negotiated license renewal, Charter is obligated to provide a cash payment of $4,000 for the purpose of upgrading local access technology within 90 days of the signing. Dick Elwell and Ogden discuss getting together with Charter technicians to review available equipment and what may best suit the Town’s needs.


                        Ogden Gigli asks the Board if he can use the stage area of the gym for a studio for Channel 2. LT notes that the stage might be a good spot but that the Board would have to give the request some consideration before deciding.


                        Following a reading of Town Counsel’s recommendation to approve the cable license renewal as presented, LT notes that this has been a nearly 2 year process, with 2 public hearings, in renegotiating the renewal and that the Town had received considerable concessions over the previous contract, including revenue sharing for co-located towers in excess of $7,000 per year with the potential for more. LT asks for a motion to approve the license renewal. ED seconds the motion. Vote taken to accept, 3-0 in favor.


7:50 PM:          Clayton Beauchaine, resident of Mill Pond Trailer Park speaks to the Board regarding his concerns about the inadequate sewer delivery system in the park. Mr. Beauchaine states that back-ups and freezing sewer lines are common and that one spot near the north end of the park has an exposed cleanout area.


                        Ogden Gigli, Board of Health member, states that the Board of Health is aware of the problems and that Health Agent John Oleander visited the site last Friday.


                        LT voices is concerns about the seriousness of faulty septic systems at the park and requests that representatives from the Board of Health report back to the Selectmen at next week’s meeting on discoveries and their plans to address the situation. Ogden Gigli agrees to attend and report.


8:05 PM:          Zucchini Festival organizers provide an update to the Board. Marge Powell reports that the group has spoken to the Police and Fire Chiefs about street closings, parking, fireworks, and other areas of concern. There will be a meeting this Friday with the State Fire Marshall about the fireworks.


                        Chief Cooper reports that the Town of Lenox Auxiliary Police will be helping at the event.


                        Joel Hotchkiss requests a permit for a large banner to be strung across Main St. announcing the event. Following a discussion, LT informs Joel that the Board would have no choice but to deny the permit because it would exceed the dimensions set for in the Zoning by-laws. LT adds that the Board isn’t at all opposed to the banner and thinks it would be a good idea but the Board is currently involved in 2 other sign matters that may go the appeal process and the Board must be consistent in acting on sign permits. It is suggested that the Board issue a letter of denial to the organizers so that they can quickly set up a hearing with the Board of Appeals. Joel agrees.


                        Marge Powell continues a discussion on the schedule of events including music. She asks for and the Board agrees to issue a special permit to allow for amplified music per Town By-laws.


8:25 PM:          Parks and Recreation Chair Bob Powell reports that there appears to be a washout behind the spillway at Card Pond. CW will address this week. Bob also reports that several geese have shown up at the pond and asked if there are any ideas on how to get rid of them. CW responds that geese are a universal nuisance and they are hard to get rid of if they establish residence. Organic applications to the lawn areas was tried a few years ago without success. CW suggests that a few barking dogs might discourage the geese.


                        Bob Powell announces a volunteer Village School playground area clean-up and cookout for August 7. The plan is to fix up the tennis court, playground and skateboard areas. CW says that he will provide a Town dump truck for the clean-up.



                        Bob Powell adds that Bill Hillman would like to use the gymnasium to hold a not for profit youth wrestling program. Bob asks about insurance coverage and fees. Bob is informed that the Town’s exposure is minimized if fees are not charged to the public but that any organization must provide a certificate of liability insurance to the Town. Bob then asks about the protocol for granting use of the gym. Following a brief discussion, the Board agrees that the Parks and Recreation Chairman will be the Town’s designee in charge of gymnasium scheduling.


                        Bob finishes his report by noting that the former information booth still sitting at the Berkshire Truck Plaza may be available to be re-located to the Village School grounds to be used as a concession stand.


8:40 PM:          LT reminds everyone of next week’s meeting to discuss moving the Town offices and library into the Village school. LT reiterates the Board’s standing position that the Town cannot afford to heat and maintain 2 buildings for another winter and that we have to move ahead with the transfer into Village School.


8:45 PM:          ED makes a motion to go in to Executive Session for the purpose of negotiations on the Highway Superintendent’s contract renewal and to return to open session at the conclusion of the executive session. LT seconds the motion. Vote is taken, 2-0 in favor. CW abstains, and then leaves the building.



Executive Session Meeting Minutes Held Aside



9:10 PM:          There being no further business to discuss, ED makes a motion to adjourn. LT seconds the motion. Vote taken, 2-0 in favor.




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Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2004


7:00 PM:         Open Meeting

                        Quorum present:         ED, CW

                        Board reviews and approves weekly warrants


Board discusses moving regular meeting starting times to 6:00 or 6:15 PM from 7:00 to allow for quiet time to review warrants, minutes, and other on-going business that sometimes gets rushed through. Meetings would still be open, but no visitors would be scheduled or welcomed to speak before 7:00 PM. Board defers a decision until the full Board is present.


Board reviews and accepts with regret a letter of resignation from Preston Lockenwitz. AA to place a help wanted ad in the Berkshire Eagle.


Board schedules a walkthrough – at the owner’s request - of the Shaker Mill Tavern on 7-19 at 6:00 PM.


Dick Elwell of Charter Communications will attend the 7-26 meeting to sign the just negotiated Charter lease/license extension. According to Town Counsel, the contract has everything in it that the Town formally asked for in negotiations and Counsel approves it for signing by the Board.


AA notes that the attorney representing the objecting neighbors in the Oak Street rooster dispute asked that now that a decision has been made by the Planning Board that the decision be enforced. Zoning Enforcement Officer Walt Potash has been so advised.


Board reads a letter from resident and Boy Scout Zach Summers recommending the sale of the Town Hall to offset the cost of converting the Village School to town offices and library.


AA informs the Board that a recent Reserve Fund transfer request that was rejected by the FinCom has been re-submitted at the FinCom’s suggestion.


AA informs the Board that the Southern Berkshire Household Hazardous Waste Steering Committee is hosting a one-day household hazardous waste day at the Stockbridge Transfer Station on Saturday, July 24 from 9-11. Computer monitors and TV screens will be taken for $10 each. A second event will be hosted by Gt. Barrington later in August. Announcement fliers have been given to the transfer station attendant for distribution.


7:30 PM:         Board opens the Public Hearing for the transfer of wine and beer retail alcoholic beverages license from Village Variety to Williams River Retailers Inc. ED reads the public notice as advertised in the 6-23-04 Berkshire Eagle. ED then asks for public comment.


                        No one from the public present objects to the transfer.


                        The principals (M&M Kinne and M&M Herrington) describe what they hope to do with the business which is to basically keep it the same.


7:40 PM:         There being no further public comment, ED makes a motion to close the hearing. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 2-0 in favor.


                        ED makes a motion to grant the license transfer as presented. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 2-0 in favor.


7:45 PM:         EDM Architects makes a presentation of drawings and details of the Village School conversion to town offices and library. EDM is seeking direction from the Board and public on whether they should proceed along the course established. The drawings and design are at approximately the 90% completion stage. Before they finalize and prepare bid documents, the architects want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


                        Following a thorough presentation of design and cost estimates, the Board decides to call a full meeting of the Village School Re-use Committee, the FinCom, Selectmen and any other interested voters to review the information before giving final approval to finish up. The meeting is scheduled for August 2, at 7:00 PM at the Village School.


8:45 PM:         There being no further business to discuss, ED makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 2-0 in favor.



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