The Sixth annual West Stockbridge "Scarecrow Day,"
for the residents of West Stockbridge took place on
Saturday, October 18th, 2003.  Participants were asked to bring a scarecrow head, clothes and accessories, (stakes and hay were provided).  During this event cider and doughnuts were served and scarecrows were placed around town.  Haunting hilarity was had by all!

The Scarecrows!!!
Emily Timmons, 11
Evan Babcock, 4
Ken Wilska, 8
Cameron Black, 6   Alistair Black, 12
Jake Dupont, 21/2
Ariel Roos, 3   Noah Roos, 5
Dylan Quinn, 6  Satchel Fisher, 6 & Bram Fisher
Margaret Cardillo, 8  Ktistina Hallock, 8
Emma Sinkoff, 31/2
David Zick, 14  Andrew Zick, 10  Aryana Sibley, 3
Thanks for dropping by!