To the Residents of West Stockbridge.


Dear friends and fellow residents of West Stockbridge,


My name is Curt Wilton. My wife, Jennifer, and I reside at 24 Moscow Road with our sons Travis, Zachary and Curt Ill. Born and raised in West Stockbridge my roots go back three generations, close to 100 years. Long term commitment and actively continuing to preserve the small town charm is what drives me to run for a seat on the Board of Selectman.


Most of you probably know that I have served as your Highway Superintendent for the past seven years (a position that I can still keep if elected under M.G.L. 268A. Sec. 20 Municipal Employees; holding one or more positions).   In this capacity I have come to learn a lot about your concerns and interests. Although this is my first attempt in a political office, I am fully aware of the public service commitment. If elected, I will take my years of leadership and motivational skills to the table.  I will be your voice and see to it that all voices are heard. This is a government that is run "by the people and for the people."  Let's vote together and take it back


I am concerned that West Stockbridge seems to have abandoned any coordinated attempt to guide economic and community development. Not many years ago, the town seemed full of anticipation and developed a vision for long-term development. There was talk of a master plan, downtown revitalization, river walks, parks and paths.  We have first-rate boards and commissions - planning, zoning and conservation - but they can't realize their full potential unless and until we develop a community consensus about the direction and vision that the town should be headed in. I intend to be a positive force in moving such plans forward.


Current projects such as the new town offices and the pending senior center grant illustrate the kind of creative and useful approach to meeting the needs of West Stockbridge that I would like to be involved in as your selectman. We need to look at growing our tax base in sensible and well-planned ways. We also need to understand the needs of the elderly and what additional services might be made available to them as part of making West Stockbridge a better place to call home.


With no personal agenda or vendetta this election is not about removing someone from office. It is about adding an individual with a positive work ethic, strong desire for future well-being and a proactive attitude for the cherished beauty of our town.


I believe that with the Participation of ALL residents we can secure the future of West Stockbridge. I need your support to make this happen and sincerely ask for your vote on election day ( May 24).


Thank you!


Curt G. Wilton